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home Admission Application -

The following items must be submitted with the application when applying to the National Taiwan Ocean University :

  • 2 one-inch and 10 two-inch frontal pictures, without hat or headband, taken within the last two months.
  • Application form(download from here})
  • Two photocopies of diploma and transcripts (authenticated by Taiwan Embassy / Representative Office)
  • TaiwanICDF Medical Report (including an HIV test)(download from here)
  • Personal Information (including a photograph) and other supporting materials
  • Evidence of English proficiency--If applicants are from countries where English is not the native language.
  • Please submit all the Admission Application Materials to the Department of Environmental Biology and Fisheries Science, National Taiwan Ocean University ."International Bachelor Program in Environmental Biology and Fisheries Science Department of Environmental Biology and Fisheries Science,National Taiwan University No.2, Bei-Ning R.D. Keelung 20224, Taiwan(R.O.C.)"
  • ANDPlease also email a copy of the application materials

home Scholarship Application -

  • To access the scholarship application form, please link to the Taiwan ICDF Online Scholarship Application System at "". Please follow the instruction and complete the scholarship application procedure.

Applicants must complete applications of admission and scholarship.

home Notification of Admission and Registration -

  • After being reviewed and approved by the Foreign Student Application Evaluation Committee, applications will be submitted to the President of the National Taiwan Ocean University for final approval.
  • After being notified of admission, students must complete registration procedures within the specified time. Late registration will not be accepted.
  • If there is untrue or falsified information, the student will be denied for admission.
  • After registration, students must provide original diplomas.
  • If the above documents were not written in English, English translation documents must be accompanied with the original documents.

home Scope of Scholarship –
Entitlements:The scholarship including airfare, housing, tuition, credit fees, insurance, book costs and monthly allowance will be provided to each student. The scholarship is itemized as follows:

  • Airfare -- The TaiwanICDF shall arrange your most-direct flights to and from Taiwan with Economy Class tickets.
  •  Housing -- All students must reside in the graduate student dormitory provided by the NTOU.
  • Tuition fee -- Tuition fee will be paid as required by the NTOU.
  • Credit fees -- Credit fees are varied with the number of credits registered. Credit fees will be paid as required by the NTOU.
  • Insurance -- While in Taiwan, in addition to the mandatory student safety insurance as set by the Ministry of Education, each student should be insured for accidental. The insurance fees will be paid by the project.
  • Book costs -- Purchasing textbooks as required by instructors shall be subject to the approval of the Chairman of the Department of Environmental Biology and Fisheries Science.
  • Allowance -- Each student shall receive NT$12,000 per month (NT$144,000 per annum) as allowance for food and miscellaneous living expenses. The sum will be deposited monthly into the student's local bank account.

For more detail information, please refer to Taiwan ICDF Scholarship website.


home Notices -

  • Bachelor Program students shall take Chinese classes at National Taiwan Ocean University and pass the Test of Chinese as Foreign Language(TOCFL) level 3.
  • Bachelor Program students must complete a minimum of 132 credits in courses(78 general requirements plus 54 electives) 4 to 8 weeks of on-boat (or shore-based) training is required during the class recess.
  • Students under bachelor program are graded on a scale of 100 being the highest and 60 being the passing grade. Required courses, if failed, must be repeated. A student, who fails academically, judging from the averaged score for all the courses taken in a school year, shall be dismissed.
  • Student's ethic is graded on a scale of 100 being the highest and 60 being the passing grade. Anyone receives less than 60 shall be dismissed.
  • For any reason a student cannot attend class or other required activities, authorized leave of absence must be requested according to the school regulations.
  • Program students of the same sex will be assigned to live in the same dormitory room. Observation of dormitory rules is a must.

home Others -

  • In the event of issues or matters not mentioned in the preceding articles, relevant rules and regulations of the present program as well as those of the Ministry of Education and the National Taiwan Ocean University shall apply.